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Editorial Services

Query Critiques:

Writing a query and writing a novel are two separate skills. You wrote an entire book, encapsulating that into a single page is challenging. I will critique your query with track changes and comments. 

$50. Additional edits can be purchased for $25 per round. 

Synopsis Critique:

Ah, the dreaded synopsis. If you could tell your story over the space of a few pages, you would have. I will critique your synopsis with track changes and comments. I also do this at the beginning of a project to help identify plot holes and structure issues.

$100. Additional edits can be purchased for $25 per round.

Submission Package Critique:

I will critique your query, synopsis, and first twenty-five pages to get them submission ready with track changes. Please send them via .doc or docx in Times New Roman, size 12.

$300. Additional edits of the query or synopsis can be purchased for $25 per round

Short Story Edits:

I will critique and copy edit your short story with comments and track changes.

Price by word. $100 minimum.

Manuscript Evaluation:

I will read your manuscript and give you a 3-5 page letter with what's working and what's not working, addressing overarching plot issues, character arcs, world building, and pacing. I like to have a call to discuss the manuscript with you and help you tell your story the best way you can.

Limited space. Price by word. Email for quote.

You can use the contact form below or email me at MeganEccles89 @ gmail dot com


Megan is a superb editor. She has a natural gift for storytelling and tons of experience editing genre fiction. She consistently gives helpful advice on how to fine tune plot points and character arcs. My work is always better when she reads for me!

-Kathryn E. McGee, author of "Mondays are for Meat"



After working with her on a submission package critique, I felt extremely confident entering the query trenches. She provided brilliant editorial insight that strengthened not only the submission package, but the entire manuscript as well. Additionally, she was kind, thoughtful, and incredibly fast! In less than a month of querying, I had a 60% request rate and received 4 offers of representation. I highly recommend working with her and I attribute so much of my querying success to her services. 


- Sydney J. Shields

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